Maximus “Max”


3/27/08: This is our handsome man who just turned 2 years old…..not spoiled at all….ha. We had a birthday party for him and his daddy (Philip) got him a new MS State Collar along with more toys. He has got more personality than you can imagine. My husband will say “Here Comes Rin Tin Tin” and Max will run to him and howl with this high pitch voice it is sooo cute. When Kelly practices her clarinet he loves to sing along with her, we actually got that on video. I am so thankful every day that I happened upon your website and saw his picture…we immediately fell in love with him, and it grows stronger and stronger every day. I am also attaching a picture of Lola my other rescue dog, I am sure you remember her. She and Max get along so well, if Philip takes Max with him for the weekend, Lola will sit at the window and cry. She is really the big sister and definitely the alfa dog, and watches over everything he does. They have taken over my chair and sleep together in it every night. We have been purchasing our stamps as well as numerous other things from the zazzle website and love the new items.
Hope all is well with you. Faith W.