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How YOU Train Matters

Most people realize that hitting or kicking a dog is abusive and cruel, although sadly some still do it. Yet, there are many types of punishment including but not limited to:

– yelling at your dog

– talking to your dog in a low and gruff voice

– alpha rolling your dog

– using threatening gestures

– pushing or shoving your dog around

– pushing or shoving your dog into positions, such as a sit or down

– isolating your dog in a crate (away from the family or your other other dogs) FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME

– isolating your dog to a solitary life outside and never spending time playing, exercising or interacting with your dog


– anything else that your dog does not like or that causes it fear or pain

There are a number of trainers locally who may tell you that punishment is not their primary approach; however, using “punishment” to coerce a dog into position, such as a sit or down, is punishment. Following that punishment with “good dog” or a treat when it sits or downs does not make it any less abusive or cruel for the dog.

You have a powerful training tool readily available at all times –your brain. With it, you can always be the “leader”, “master”, “alpha” or whatever else you want to call yourself without ever having to resort to abusive and/or cruel measures to elicit compliance from your dog. An added benefit of positive training is that your dog will respect you more, your dog won’t be afraid of you, and your dog will want to please you.

Sound good? Find a qualified trainer who uses positives and avoid anyone who does anything to your dog that you would not want done to you.

~Donna Malone, Memphis, TN – My Pet Pro,

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