Why Is There an Adoption Fee?

Sometimes we get asked, “Why is there even an adoption fee?” There are several reasons for this, and when you think about everything that’s included, you’ll find that our adoption fees are actually quite reasonable.

Here’s a list of what’s covered when you give an adoption fee:

Basic vetting & wellness check.

Even if a dog seems to be perfectly healthy, it gets a thorough vet check just to make sure. If a dog does have any health issues, we do pass that information on to any potential adopters. We want you to be as informed as possible about your new family member.

Spay or Neuter

Every dog that finds their forever home is spayed or neutered. While there are low cost options available, the fees for this surgery are actually more than what we charge for an adoption.

Yearly vaccinations

Your new family member will already be up to date on all needed vaccinations.

Additional Vet care That May Have Been Needed Prior To Adoption

We won’t lie; you do have to continue taking your dog to the vet and pay for its care after you have adopted it. But many of our dogs have come into our rescue because of abuse or neglect. Many of these dogs do need extra medical care, and we pay for that. Whether they need a special diet, or have had to have broken bones set, or need heartworm treatment. We make sure our rescue dogs have the medical care they need while they are in our care. And even if it costs our rescue $2000, you still pay the normal adoption fee. This is why donations to our group are so important and necessary.