Diamond is doing great! She loves being an only “child” although I’m sure she misses the boys (two Dobermans). We were so proud of her and how she (Diamond) handled her first few days here. She didn’t mind all the kids petting her or hugging her. She even tolerates the other dogs. She’s even managed to beat out the Yorkie down the block to become the new neighborhood mascot.

We have to educate the neighbors about her. Quite a few of the neighbors were scared of her at first, but now they stop to pet her or ask questions and most of them complement me on how well behaved she is. Even the vet said that she was the most well behaved pit bull that they’ve ever seen. The normally don’t take pit bulls because too many of them are aggressive. They were so impressed with her they sent me home with a bag of dog cookies.

Diamond Dad promised me to send you some of Diamond’s “winter fashions” pictures (she has a rain coat and a sweater). I even got her a pumpkin costume today so we can hand out candy for Halloween in fashion.

I just wanted to thank you for giving me Diamond. I don’t think I can get through law school without her. Just coming home to her every day is truly a gift.