HEARTS OF GOLD PIT RESCUE is dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for Pit Bull Terriers who were in abusive, neglectful and hopeless situations.

Our mission includes advertising, educating and networking to save the lives of these very unique animal companions who are so often misunderstood, abused and exploited.

A strong emphasis is placed on re-educating the public about the special qualities, characteristics and requirements of our breed and the responsibility of the human in sharing life with a Pit Bull Terrier.

The dogs we rescue are placed in foster homes where they receive quality veterinary care, socialization, and training.  In order to help each dog gain his/her maximum potential, we regularly consult with professionals in the areas of dog training, behavior modification/counseling and animal communication.  Depending on the health needs of our rescues, we use a combination of traditional veterinary medicine and homeopathic medicine.  Pit Bull Terriers are so deserving of special homes.  The ideal home is one in which the family is knowledgeable about dog behavior or will take the time to learn.  Please do your research and take your time in choosing a new animal family member.  To increase your knowledge of dog behavior in general and pit bulls in particular, please spend some time reading these websites:  National Canine Research CouncilBap Rap and Pit Bull Rescue Central.

Pit Bulls should always be walked on leash or exercised in a securely fenced yard. They are very sensitive dogs that need firm yet gentle leadership. The intelligence, humor, courage, and devotion of a Pit Bull Terrier are gifts you can only experience for yourself. There is no match in the canine kingdom!