I don’t know where Billy grew up but I do know he was fought, and he was fought a lot. He is quite a remarkable little dog, all 46 lbs. of him. A crate to contain him had to be built at a welding shop; nothing bought online could hold him. He can climb a fence like a cat, no joking. He is so smart that it is hard to outwit him. For instance, if the slightest crack in the laundry room door is visible, he knows, and he will run into the laundry room and grab something to shake, and it is impossible to pry it from his mouth. However, he will work for food. This boy was so starved for good nutrition all of his life that he turns back flips at the slightest hint of a morsel of food. Thank goodness!! He behaves with the precision of a soldier, all I have to do is keep a treat in my hand or the smell of a treat on my hand.


He is unbelievably tolerant of other dogs. He gives respect and room, and he expects the same. He was rescued and adopted by me, the founder of Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue. I believe the best dogs in rescue are the pit bulls. It could be that I am a little partial to the true underdogs, the dogs that had less than nothing and by a miracle were rescued, given half the chance that some breeds are given, and bounce back to become fine animal companions. I describe them as dogs with tenacity of soul.