Latest Update on Dancy: Check out his television appearance!

Update August 15, 2012:

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to give you a quick update on Dancy. He is really just a great dog. I recently went on a trip to Florida to see my ill grandfather. Dancy did not go with me or Kayla (just not ready for planes yet), but he did stay the week at Kayla’s mothers house. He made friends with all five of her dogs, and enjoyed a large backyard, and comfy bed everyday. He was so well loved that we had a hard time convincing Kayla’s mom to give him back. lol. His training is going well. He now picks up shoes around the house, and keys outside, along with whatever else he decides to pick up along our walks. Walking on the leash has come a lot further, and I may try to start walking him on a short service animal handle very soon. I am grateful to have him, and I know he loves us very much. He is currently napping on the Papasan chair in the living room. We should set up a day when he can come visit you, or you can visit him. I am sorry I do not have any pictures this time around, but we have been very active and just plain forgot to take photos. I will try to get some in the next update. Have a wonderful day!

Update June 5, 2012:

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to give you an update on Dancy as I have promised. He is doing very well. We have been feeding him Merrick Whole Earth Farms Holistic Dog food, and he really loves it. We switched to the Merrick because it offers Bison meat in the formula, and as you can see he is looking very good. He is still training, and has become fairly reliable at picking up a few items for me around the house. Time will tell if this will relate to him doing it consistently in other settings, but one step at a time. He still has a tendency to get distracted outside, and I may need to find additional help getting him to walk properly on his leash ( he is so loved by everyone, and he knows it. he tries to run up to everyone regardless of the leash.) One thing we have noticed that is going to be difficult to fix is his extreme fear of storms. Thunder drives the boy crazy, and he doesn’t listen well during them. We will try the thunder jacket to see if it gives him some added security. He is progressing with his food, and will now eat with the crate door open and Nala in the room with no problem. He is scheduled for a vet visit at the beginning of next month. The apartments have all the required paperwork allowing me to keep him regardless of any restrictions. My doctor has approved him as a therapy dog already since he does an amazing job of keeping me calm while traveling. We love this guy so very much, and I believe he loves us right back. I have attached a video of him retrieving my keys, and a picture of him being curious over the flash on the camera. Dancy is truly a great companion, and I am so glad to have him. Have a great night, and we will speak soon.


Update April 30, 2012:


Dancy Giving Kisses

I wanted to update you as to progress after the first week.  From here on I will try to update you at least once a month, maybe twice.  D boy has progressed very fast.  He has just about mastered “sit.”   He understands “down” and “watch me” very well.  Leash walking has come a long way, and he is an absolute treat to walk. He still needs to learn some manners when he sees another dog because he tends to pull and get very happy.  On a completely unexpected note,  he has already started learning the command “grab it” ( this is what I will use to teach him how to pick up items).  He has a favorite toy – a simple $2.00 toy that has a tennis ball attached to a rope.  When I held it in my hand, he immediately started trying to snatch it.  With some clicker timing and treats, he will now “grab it” on my command from my hand. He will hold it for a bit until I say “give” and I am fully expecting him to have this mastered much earlier than a normal dog. Starting today we will be adding the “stay” and “stand” command to his training routine. I put the pack on him for about 2 hours a day so that he becomes comfortable with it.  Yesterday two men jumped the pond fence that separates the golf course from us just to say say Hi to Dancy.  Everyone here really enjoys him. I think he is enjoying us as well.  Attached are some pictures of him in “sit,” holding the rope after “grab it,” and enjoying lounging in his pack.  He also relishes leisure time with Kayla, and enjoys a night cap before lights out.  LOL.  Have a great day!

Update April 23, 2012:

Hello,I hope you did not miss Dancy too much.  I figured that I would show you Dancy fitting in already!  He did so well in the car! He went home, and to Petco, and to Sonic.  He met some of our friends, and Kayla’s family.  He even met a few dogs out and about.  Everyone loves him, and some people are reconsidering what a pit bull can be already. He has picked up on sit and heel very easily.  Kayla gave him a bath last night, and I think she enjoyed it more than he did.  He just sat there and let her scrub him.  I buffed his coat with a nice soft cloth, and boy does he shine.  I would not say he loves the ferrets, but he really does not pay them any mind. He did soil inside yesterday, but I relate that to us learning each others routine,  so no problem.  We played alternating fetch.  When he brings one toy back;  I throw another.  He likes it quite a bit. Have a great day!
Chris B.

Dancy was rescued from the Memphis Animal Shelter when he was between 8 and 10 months old.  He had been so starved that the City of Memphis took him from his owner, and charged the owner with animal cruelty.  Dancy is 41 lbs. and is blue brindle.  He is strikingly handsome.  His pictures do not do him justice.  Despite Dancy’s history, we can find absolutely nothing wrong with his personality/temperament.  He never meets a stranger, and enjoys both the company of humans and dogs.  He loves to play with his tug–rope, bones (real ones from the butcher), balls, and sticks.  He is quiet in his crate.  He seems to have the house training down pat and he does not soil his crate.  He would enjoy an active family who keeps his brain stimulated.  He would shine in obedience class and also in agility.  He has some separation anxiety and would need to be crated when you are not home.  He is a gem and we will accept nothing less than the perfect home for him.